Accepted articles

Names of authorsTitle of manuscriptAccepted
Arellanez Hernández, J. L. & Camilo Velásquez, J.Adaptation and validation of the Questionnaire Exposure to Violence in youth of Veracruz, Mexico
Gobel, P., Sanlier, N., Yilmaz, S., & Kocabas, S.Investigation of the effect of women's social appearance anxiety on self-esteem
González, M., Lorenzo, L., Alonso, R., & Flores, I.Construct validity and psychometric properties of the Positive Affect Response Questionnaire (RPA) in a sample of the general population
Ledesma-Amaya, L., Galindo-Aldana, G., Galvez, V., Salvador-Cruz, J. & López-Contreras, R.Brief empathy quotient test validation with adolescents from Mexico
Guerrero-Molina, M., Barbosa-Torres, C., & Moreno-Manso, J. M.Subclinical psychopathy and relationship styles
Alonso del Hierro, T., Peña-Fernández, M. E., & Andreu-Rodríguez, J. M.Analysis of psychopathological symptomatology and aggressive behavior based on the risk of violence in a sample of offenders
Marchena Giráldez, C., Froxán Parga, M. X., & Calero Elvira, A.Homework assignment and compliance review from a behavioural perspective: a descriptive study of verbal sequences between therapist and client
Becerra-García, J. A., Sánchez-Gutiérrez, T., Barbeito Resa, S., & Calvo Calvo, A.Exploratory analysis of self-reported psychotic experiences in adult general population: differences according to age range and associated psychopathology
Mora-Castañeda, B., Márquez-González, M., Fernández-Liria, A., Martínez Huertas, J. A., Cabrera, I., & Olmos, R.The processes of stress and coping in informal caregivers of people diagnosed with a schizophrenia spectrum disorder. A longitudinal study
González Pablos, E., Ayuso Lanchares, A., Botillo Martín, C., & Martín Lorenzo, C.Relationship between disorganized speech, cognitive functions, and social functioning of people with schizophrenia
Marta Vega-Díaz, M., González-García, H., & de Labra, C.Perceived physical self-concept profiles: intention to be physically active and emotional regulation
Villasán Rueda, A., Sánchez Cabaco, A., Mejía-Ramírez, M., Castillo-Riedel, E., & Alvelais-Alarcón, M.Enhancement of quality of life in older people through positive reminiscence intervention: A pilot study
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