Accepted articles

Names of authorsTitle of manuscriptAccepted
Berta Ausín, Miguel Ángel Castellanos, and Manuel MuñozNetwork analysis of symptoms of agoraphobia disorder in people over 65 years.
Raquel Suriá Martínez and Juan Manuel Ortigosa QuilesProfiles of coping styles and relation to the academic performance of university students with disability.
Natalie García-Justiniano, Coralee Pérez-Pedrogo, Israel Sánchez-Cardona, and Lymaries Padilla-CottoPsychometric properties of the Medical Outcomes Study- Social Support Survey (MOS-SSS-A) among adolescents in Puerto Rico.
Javier Mora-Salgueiro, Sandra Feijóo, Teresa Braña, Jesús Varela, and Antonio RialGaming habits and symptoms of video game addiction in Spanish adolescents.
José Antonio López-Villalobos, María Victoria López-Sánchez, Isabel Serrano Pintado, Jesús María Andrés de Llano, María Isabel Sánchez-Azón, and Mari Cruz González PérezAdolescent personality in general and clinical samples.
Francisco Daniel Martínez-Martínez, Higinio González-García, and Joaquín González-CabreraStudent’s social networks profiles, psychological needs, self-concept and intention to be physically active.
Ana Villafuerte-Díaz, Pilar Ramos, Francisco Rivera, and Carmen MorenoSpanish adolescents’ antisocial behavior: prevalence and relationship with their perceived global health.
Raquel Martín Ríos and Francisca López-TorrecillasPotential predictors of smoking relapse in treatment-seeking smokers.
Ángel Prieto-Fidalgo, Izaskun Orue, Joaquín Manuel González-Cabrera, Juan Manuel Machimbarrena, and Esther CalveteRelationship between trait mindfulness and the roles of cyberbullying bystanders among adolescents.
Javier Manchón, María José Quiles, and Sofía López-RoigBehavioral intervention based on Acceptance and Commitment Therapy for overweight and obesity: results of a pilot study.
Patricia Gual-Montolio, Verónica Martínez-Borba, Macarena Paredes-Mealla, Jorge Osma, and Carlos Suso-RiberaAssessing irrational beliefs reliably and quickly: Refining and shortening the Spanish version of the Attitudes and Beliefs Scale.
José H. Marco, Jesús Privado, Verónica Guillén, Sole Quero, Sandra Pérez, Rosa Baños, and Pilar TormoPsychometric properties of the Spanish Version of the Meaning in Life Questionnaire in adult Spanish participants.
Blanca Rodríguez-Suárez, José Manuel Caperos, and José Ángel Martínez-HuertasEffect of exposure to thinness ideals in social network on self-esteem and anxiety: An experimental study.
Lilia Janeth Torres-Chávez, Carlos-Alejandro Hidalgo-Rasmussen, Yolanda Viridiana Chávez-Flores, Felipe Santoyo Telles, Guillermo Rosales-Damián, and Paola Javier-JuárezThe effect of life events, perceived stress, resilience and gender on the quality of life of university students: conditional process.
Juan Antonio Becerra-García, Teresa Sánchez-Gutiérrez, Sara Barbeito, Laura Aguilar Pascual, Alba Verdugo Martínez, Manuela Elisabete Larrinaga Pardo, Almudena Valle Garrido, Ana Belén Ortín Aguilar, Nazaret Pérez Márquez, and Ana Calvo CalvoGeneral psychopathology in Spanish health professionals during the COVID-19 pandemic and associated socio-occupational and psychological factors.
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